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  For everyone who has faced--or watched loved ones face--serious illness, chemotherapy, radiation, and the dance between patients, doctors, and insurance companies: here's my story.


For six hours, I lay unconscious in my bed while my four-year-old son calmly watched cartoons. "Grandpa, I told you she's sleeping," he said when my father called for the fourth time.

For twenty years, I battled a brain tumor while staying busy as a wife, mother of three active boys, and small-business owner. I learned that the world doesn't wait one second for you to heal, and that no matter how you feel, the kids still need to have dinner on the table and get to hockey.

Six brain surgeries. Two near-death experiences, A knock-down, drag-out fight with my insurance company before I finally got the surgery I needed, performed by the one doctor I trusted. I had to become my own advocate. I wouldn't take no for an answer, and I won!

Life Stinks and Then . . . You Live! (ISBN 978-0-615-34930-5) is available for purchase at Main Floor Covering Carpet One, 1224 S. Main Street, Royal Oak, Michigan, for $13.95 plus 6% sales tax (add $4.00 to phone orders for shipping and handling). Checks and money orders also accepted made payable to I'm all Write Publishing. For more information, contact Ilene Hill at (248) 823-6851 or email ilenehill@gmail.com